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Courtney chew
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awareness is the key to getting people to care and to be curious to question, learn, dig deeper. And that’s when we can then be open to leaning on each other and supporting one another for ourselves, our earth and our collective future. - Courtney

Thought #9 06.08.18


Stay Curious. Love More. Travel Harder. Be Kind. Have Fun. - Courtney

Thought #8 04.20.18


so remember love is also growth and beauty. love is reflection and the realization of what we’ve sacrificed so graciously for love. love teaches us and shows us the kind of human we are and the one we want to be. love shows us what it means to compromise. love give us the tools to learn and and shows us the practice of letting go. love teaches us how to maneuver emotions, how to understand others’ versions of love, how to receive it and give it back to whoever or whatever is receiving it - be it you, someone close to you, the surroundings around you. 
love is a purpose that we get to define for ourselves and is the strength that will keep us moving forward, past the negativity and the bullshit that we so often get stuck in, obsess over, and allow it to consume us. 
so keep with love. love more. love harder. fall into love with everyone and everything. throw yourself out there because the more vulnerable you can become the more impact you have on yourself and those individuals and ideas and things you touch. so share love. even your version of it. don’t hide it. be brave with it. and remember to also receive it openly and graciously. love is hope. love is courage. love is worth it. love is why we exist. - Courtney

Thought #7 PART III 04.12.18


love is friendship and honesty and genuinely caring for the good of others. for wanting to help and see them succeed. without any expectation. and that’s hard. 
love is patience and loving without ego. doing things understanding that you might not get the recognition you want or feel like you need, and doing it anyways. 
love is joy - that child-like naive happiness that hasn’t yet been jaded by “life”. love is light. way lighter than hate. 
but love is also fucking scary. love pains. love hurts. love betrays us and tortures us and makes us think things will never be the same. that we can’t go on. love makes us do stupid things. makes us share things we didn’t want to. makes us stand up for things that others might see differently and raise judgement. love is selfish. intangible. meaning-less. superfluous and complex. love is just an ideal to some. a normalized concept to others. a verb to strictly explain pleasure or passion or belief. it’s expected and therefore undervalued. it’s a standard goodbye saying. love is lonely. love makes us lie, cheat, can bring out the worse side of us. the side the makes excuses for the bad, by holding “love” accountable. love can make us feel under appreciated but ironically also gives us an excuse to take the ones and things we love for granted too. love makes us afraid and breaks our heart and makes us scared to love again. .
but that’s just life. reality. that’s the hard truth about it i guess. and we’re living this life everyday anyways so if given the choice, why not still live it through the most open, free, unhindered positive self we can be powered by love, kindness and respect? 

Thought #7 PART II 04.12.18


What does love’s come up a lot lately. maybe it’s because everyday there seems to be something tragic that’s happened somewhere in the world that just doesn’t seem real. maybe it’s because of some conversations of heartbreak and let downs that i’ve been having with others, and as a person that is conceptual but definitely analytical, i can’t understand it’s purpose, if love for and a commitment to anyone or anything, like a business or a belief, is a lot of times met with cynicism or causes pain. or maybe it’s because in a time when we seem to need love and crave this human connection more than ever, we continue to create and design technologies to make us more removed and isolated from one another in the name of advancement and innovation. 
but what is love? 
love is cheesy, like how the media and music depict it. fairy tale love. romantic, wonderful, ethereal, complicated yet exciting kind of love. that serendipitous spontaneous magic-spark kind of love. 
love is passion - for that person that you can’t stop thinking about and will go to lengths for.
love is commitment. for standing up and standing true to who and what you believe in.
love is determination. to push yourself to the end emotionally and physically until you can’t breathe or move anymore but you’ll do it anyways. 
love is compassion, empathy, kindness - something the world needs to survive amongst communities to break boundaries of all forms and move things forward. 
love is trust. and loyalty. and communication. things that we battle with all the time when ego and pride, fear and judgement get in the way. but when we let our guard down, love proves that vulnerability wins.
love is personal - self love and gratitude is the key to unlocking the love for others. 
love is family - of whatever form that takes. the uncompromising unwavering foundation and support that you can rely on....

Thought #7 PART I 04.12.18


everyone has that place that comes to mind when you think about where you feel the most free, the most clarity, the most calm, the most limitless. Where your worries and all the ‘problems’ in your world just fade for a moment. Where the pressures of life melt away and you give yourself the space to feel and think. This ocean is my place. And recently i’ve become so much more aware of how much it needs our help. I’m trying to find ways (as small as they may be) to help protect and save our oceans and the beautiful life that lives within it, starting with single-use plastic consumption. The first plastic water bottle was officially introduced as a consumer product in the ‘60s. And since then the use of plastic in our everyday has become such a normalized standard, an expectation even. We expect that plastic bag at the grocery store. We expect those plastic water bottles at the convenience stores. We expect the plastic lids and cups for our takeaway drinks from our favourite coffee shops. We expect that straw with our drinks at the bar. But maybe we can try to shift our expectations, little by little. Today is International Straw Free Day. Try going #strawless today and see where that takes you. Even if it’s just one day, if everyone said no to straws today we would collectively save 1 billion straws from going to waste, globally. Protect what gives us life. 🖤🌊 - Courtney

Thought #6 02.03.18


let's go higher. - Courtney

Thought #5 01.13.18


change can be a tool to motivate, to inspire, share impact and take action with those who care. - Courtney

Thought #5 12.31.18


traveling anywhere, even if it's somewhere close by and just for the weekend, is the coolest remedy. it's taught me, motivated me, counseled me, knocked sense into me, connected me, energized me, inspired me, pushed me (in the best most spontaneous kinda way)...but most importantly it brings out this carefree side of me that i sometimes lose when i'm home. where 'life' and work take over, and i get into my head about all the little silly things that don't matter, that take me further away from the me i'd rather be everyday...and that super sucks. here's a little reminder of how awesome life is when you are your 'travel you', uninhibited by pressure and bullshit and those thoughts that shouldn't mean more than you're making them out to be. when you're the 'you' that focuses your energy on your curious, open, fun and free self, doing whatever you want to do in that moment because it makes you feel... just right. that's the magic ✌🏻. - Courtney

Thought #4 09.17.17


i truly believe music, art and dance i truly are universal languages that have the power to break down walls and bring so many different people together. - Courtney


Thought #3 09.11.17


i'm learning everyday how to be more open, vulnerable, self aware and humble. i'm learning the power of saying yes but also when to say no. i'm learning to ask for help more and that those that are really there for you will be ready for you with open arms, no ego, no judgement. i'm learning that expectations in anything (friendships, decisions, thoughts, feelings) don't get you anywhere, so spend your energy on controlling your own personal impact. i'm learning to lean into the discomfort that comes with vulnerability, risks and challenges. i'm learning that i love connecting people and making the world a smaller place in a way that creates real, supportive relationships across the globe. i'm learning to BALANCE, to let go, to share, to spend more time with pals, family, and to laugh all the time, because at the end of the day life's way more fun when you're smiling through it. you smiling yet? - Courtney

Thought #2 07.28.17


how amazing is it that we eagerly crave progression and modernity that sometimes we forget to take a moment to understand our past and heritage that supported us in getting to where we are today. - Courtney

Thought #1 07.23.17