2017 | Connected by Design – A speaker panel with Werklab


We live in an increasingly interconnected world. yet with increased connection comes a greater need for personal responsibility, for accountability, and for compassion, understanding, and empathy; these are crucial ingredients if we are to create and sustain productive, long-lasting, and inclusive communities.

To explore this topic further, we invited six panelists from different industries:

Dylan Rekert – VP Creative from Very Polite Agency
Juno Kim – Chef and owner of Juno Kim Catering
Jamie Gerus – Interior Designer
Mike Cobarrubia – Art Director and Partner of Street Dreams Magazine

The evening was moderated by myself and Harry Olson, Founder of HAO Creative.

The night was a dynamic conversation around the role that design might play as a common language capable of forging meaningful conversations and connection, by breaking down the physical, social, environmental, and political boundaries that so often separate us.

60 individuals from our community joined us for the conversation and ticket proceeds were donated to Arts Umbrella.

Everyone left with enamel pins created by our panelists – a way to illustrate what we can create together through human connection and collaboration between us.

courtney chew