Wu Wei 2.0 event with Werklab and lululemon

Photography by Kayla Mann


Werklab |

The second Wu Wei event with Werklab x lululemon. The intention behind the event was to share tools and resources that could be taken into our everyday, to help us tap into our energy and awaken our potential. We invited 40 of Vancouver's entrepreneurs from our health and wellness community. 

The event took place at sunrise with the goal of starting our morning, awakening together and instilling a new energy into the rest of the day.

Katie Mackenzie led us through "The Block" - an integration of QiGong and yoga practice, to wake our bodies up.

Bree Melanson provided us with tools and knowledge to support us in driving ego-less, productive businesses, and leading with our souls.

Community partners:

Werklab, lululemon, Katie Mackenzie, Bree Melanson, Protein by Bent, Bucha Brew, Timbertrain Coffee Roasters and Vital Supply Co.. 

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