Kit and Ace Vancouver Influencer and Media Weekend

Images via Ania and Alyssa.


Kit and Ace

Planned and hosted a weekend getaway with nine Canadian influencers and media, in tandem with the launch of the first Kit and Ace showroom in Vancouver. I managed everything from the invitations, to logistics and itinerary of the weekend, to the creative and content strategy behind the experience. 

We invited Krystal Bick, Alyssa Lau, Laura Ellner, Dani Roche, Bianca Venerayan, Ann Kim, Ania Bonieka, Jenny Cipoletti, and Oksana Glosman to hang out with us in our home city. 

The weekend included outdoor activities around the Seawall, a private catered Supper Club dinner in the Kit and Ace Gastown location, a goal-setting workshop and a stay at The Loden Hotel.


Feature by Alyssa Lau.

Feature by Ania Bonieka.

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