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About ME

—  Dreaming to create a more conscious, collaborative, open and fun world.


A brand and marketing professional born, raised and living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I graduated with a BComm in Marketing from UBC Sauder School of Business and have since been in the Fashion industry for the past 11years, working in dynamic retail environments from small start ups to larger companies, both on the wholesale and vertical sides. My technical experience spans retail management, brand strategy, community and experiential marketing, strategic partnerships, PR, social media, online and e-commerce strategy, and operations.

I’m also passionate about people and relationships and am grateful to have led and grown a number of teams throughout my career.

Follow some of my other accounts below for more of what i'm up to.

@collectiveindex - a fun assortment of rad eats, swell spots, and overall good vibes that I want to share with you.

@ocin - Founded in 2018, OCIN exists to connect human beings to our most open, free, and positively impactful selves. We design Men's and Women's swim shorts and swimwear proudly using 100% recycled polyesters from plastic bottles saved from landfill and recycled nylons in our fabrics, including innovative Econyl® nylon yarns. #ocinlimitless